Collaboration at COP28 – Spotlight on NatureXpairs’ Role in Biodiversity and Protected Areas Advocacy

At COP28, the NatureXpairs team spearheaded impactful engagements : facilitating dialogues, forging partnerships, and showcasing pioneering initiatives in biodiversity and protected areas. From collaborative panels at national pavilions to high-level coalition events, NatureXpairs supported international cooperation for conservation and global environmental diplomacy.

Amidst the buzz of COP28, the NatureXpairs team’s engagement among officially accredited delegations and structures within the French delegation opened doors to insightful events and privileged exchanges. The team actively participated in discussions centered on biodiversity and protected areas, including the launch of a coalition for ecological continuity in West Africa.

Valuable opportunities for dialogue and event were seized with esteemed international partners: Ministries, OFB, AFD, HAC for N&P Secretariat, Expertise France, FFEM , IUCN, and partner countries—Seychelles, Madagascar, Guinea, Comoros, among others.

An enriching experience unfolded as the team contributed to panels at the Madagascar and Seychelles Pavilions, presenting Varuna program’ actions and ongoing efforts in networking and sharing expertise around marine protected areas in the Western Indian Ocean region.

At the heart of engagements was the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People. The team had the privilege to attend a high-level event gathering ministers from coalition member countries. Excitingly, China announced its intention to join the coalition—a significant stride towards bolstering protected areas globally. Involvement extended to the closed-door HAC International Steering Committee as observers, providing invaluable insights into 2024 HAC N&P’ roadmap.

Yet, the pinnacle of endeavors culminated in organizing a high-level event at the French Pavilion, “Together, stronger for the 30×30,” in collaboration with the HAC N&P Secretariat. Gathering 14 high-level panelists, including ministers and state representatives, the event showcased NatureXpairs and its leadership in the French HAC N&P working group. Looking at how governments are delivering their commitment to conserve, protect, and restore at least 30% of the planet’s land and ocean by 2030, it highlighted the contribution of France to the HAC N&P matchmaking platform as the first country to share technical assistance.  Minister Béchu’s closing remarks underscored NatureXpairs’ role in French contribution to the HAC N&P, endorsing efforts and expressing appreciation for contributions.

You can watch the event’s recording here.

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