Through its variety of ecosystems, its long history of integrated and locally managed protected areas, its range of complementary protection tools and its experience of landscape approaches that include people, France can be a source of inspiration for the creation and management of protected areas beyond its borders, in view of the 2030 horizon.

In France, protected areas and ecological corridors are essential components for the territories undergoing ecological transition. Their networks are established to conserve nature and protect biodiversity while both supporting the economic sustainability of human activities and strengthening social wealth of the territories. Such objectives are supported through a multi-scale biodiversity protection policy implemented through a large diversity of protection models and tools, combined with regulatory approaches, technical and financial incentive measures. Conservation is delivered through a large range of contractual or management modalities that involve civil society organization, local governments and municipalities as well as private landowners or companies in sectors such as agriculture, water, electricity and even ski-resorts and transport. This allows protected areas to match the needs of each territory and, through its inclusive governance, implements a whole-of-society approach. It promotes the French vision and commitment to ensure access to nature for all.

NatureXpairs, the French Hub for Protected Areas and People is an alliance of French protected areas managers with complementary skills, dedicated to the preservation, conservation and restoration of biodiversity. It provides French expertise to international partners while enriching its own practice through the exchanges of experience with other countries and a concrete peer-to-peer sharing approach.

An enabling context to act at all levels
The KM-GBF as an inspiring roadmap for the world, together with the operationalization of the HAC N&P with a clear focus and the approval of the Global Biodiversity Framework Fund as a new financial mechanism are all key drivers towards achieving this global and shared ambition for biodiversity that now needs to be translated into practical national and sub-national policies and actions.

A consistent added-value rooted in long-term practices
Through NatureXpairs, the French Hub for Protected Areas and People, managers of French protected areas bring together their large on-the-ground variety of skills and experiences, which are complementary and find their roots in their respective territories. This plurality of experts and experiences enables us to respond as closely as possible to the needs and challenges of protected areas practitioners seeking practical technical assistance worldwide.

A distinctive approach in a real listening mode
By favoring peer-to-peer exchange, managers of protected areas are talking to other managers of protected areas all around the globe, and sharing their practical experience of protected areas where mankind and nature cohabit. Our project aims to create these links between nature and people, with mutual learning, co-construction and sharing, attentiveness to local needs and expectations and respect at its heart.

A shared ambition for future projects
and mutual enrichment
By joining forces for the common good, that is Nature, managers of French protected areas hope to be able to invest in long-term international cooperation projects, to forge solid human links, enabling transformative change and exemplary results in biodiversity preservation while at the same time enriching their own experience.

An offer for a large range of stakeholders
Given the context and the remaining time to deliver on the KM-GBF targets, we believe our project meets the need of numerous stakeholders seeking international expertise in the creation and management of protected areas: managers, State institutions, development agencies, local authorities, research institutes, consultancies, NGOs, etc.

A common ambition, a mutual aspiration
Reversing the trend of biodiversity loss by 2030 is an imperative milestone towards achieving the global 2050 vision of living in harmony with nature. With decades of natural areas management practices across the whole range of ecosystems, managers of French protected areas share this common ambition and are now determined to bring their contribution to promptly implement the 30×30 Target. Managers of French protected areas from various institutions are now joining forces to offer their expertise to protected areas managers across the world and in return enrich their own practices through international cooperation.

A historical and ecosystem-diversified expertise
France has a long history of integrated and local-level management of protected areas, which started back in 1861 with the protection of the Fontainebleau forest, South of Paris. During the 20th century, Nature reserves, National Parks, Natural Regional Parks, Natural Area Conservancies and the Coastal protection agency were among the main protection tools to be endorsed in French law. A national strategy for marine and terrestrial protected areas was launched in 2021.
It provides a horizon for 2030, and is accompanied by action plans, which are implemented and fed by the territories.
In August 2023, the World Database on Protected Areas censused 6 085 protected areas in France, covering 28,4% of national terrestrial land and inland waters and 49,82% of national marine area (Protected Planet, 2023).

France also harbors the highest diversity of bioclimatic zones among European countries, with many overseas territories in tropical, subtropical and subantarctic ecoregions and territorial waters across all oceans. Those various contexts and their respective challenges have resulted in diversified skills acquired by a large range of practitioners for the creation and the management of protected areas.

Our common goal is to facilitate and encourage networking between nature professionals to protect biodiversity beyond individual boundaries.
Naïk Faucon, French Biodiversity Agency
NatureXpairs, the French Hub for Protected Areas & People


As co-chair of the HAC N&P, France is clearly committed to achieving Target 3 at a global level and to supporting members in implementing this global target.

With this aim, France is setting up a dedicated French working group on Target 3. Co-led by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, and relying on the French Biodiversity Agency, this working group is facilitated by NatureXpairs, the French Hub for Protected Areas and People. Bringing together French protected areas managers and their networks, as well as management support structures, this working group aims to identify, structure and make French expertise on protected areas available to HAC N&P members. Our goal is to improve capacities and develop new approaches to conservation, governance and management on a global scale.

This work of identifying, structuring and making available French expertise will feed directly into the HAC N&P technical assistance matchmaking platform currently under development.

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NatureXpairs, the French Hub for Protected Areas & People
NatureXpairs, the French Hub for Protected Areas & People
NatureXpairs, the French Hub for Protected Areas & People
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